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Department of Religious Studies



Kristen Tobey

Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2010

904A Cathedral of Learning


Religion in North America; religious communities and utopian movements; identity maintenance and boundary work; symbolism and ritual; religious activism, social protest and political change; religion and law; anthropology and sociology of religion; theory and method in the study of religion


Perspectives on Religion: Religious Communities, Religion and Law

Selected Publications

"Blood and Hammers: Elderly Anti-Nuclear Activists Sentenced to Jail," Religion Dispatches, September 10, 2011 (online)

“Coding Character: Religious Assemblies and Zoning Laws,” Sightings, April 15, 2010

“The Limits of Marginality: Violence and Nonviolence in the Plowshares Nuclear Disarmament Movement,” The Religion and Culture Web Forum, December 2009

Selected Honors and Awards

Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 2011

Martin Marty Center, Dissertation Fellow, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2009-2010

Jerald Brauer Seminar Fellowship, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2006

Current Projects

"Performing Marginality: Identity and Efficacy in the Plowshares Nuclear Disarmament Movement" (ms)

"No People are Better Fitted: Shifting Boundaries in American Religious Communities," about the Jewish agrarian utopias of late- nineteenth-century America (ms)

"The Rhetoric of Marginality in the Plowshares Nuclear Disarmament Movement," Journal of Political Theology

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