“Tradition and Individualism in Suburbia: An Ethnographic Study of Orthodox Jewish Women.”

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Recent Doctoral Dissertations

“The Funerary Buddha: Material Culture and Religious Change in the 'Introduction of Buddhism to China,'" Margarita Delgdo Creamer, 2016

“Tradition and Individualism in Suburbia: An Ethnographic Study of Orthodox Jewish Women,” Rebecca Slavin-Phillips, 2016

"Jesus and the Galilean Crisis: Interpretation, Reception, and History," Tucker Ferda, 2016

"Women, Food, and Powe: the Protestant Moralization of Eating in America, 1830-1925," Emily Bailey, 2015

"Conflict and Schism in Catholic America, 1865-1945," Margaret J. Rencewicz, 2015

"Presents of God: The Marketing of the American Prosperity Gospel," Susie Meister, 2014

“A Reception History of Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason,” Patrick Hughes, 2013

“Leading the Good Life: Peng Shengshao's Biographical Narratives of and Instructions for Lay Buddhist Women in High Qing China (1683-1839),” Hongyu Wu, 2013

“Turkey and the Rescue of Jews during the Nazi Era: A Reappraisal of Two Cases; German-Jewish Scientists in Turkey and Turkish Jews in Occupied France,” Izzet Bahar, 2012

“Transnational Conversions: Greek Catholics and Russian Orthodox Conversion Movements in America and Austro-Hungary (1890-1914),” Joel Brady, 2012

“Jesus and the Canaanite Women: Studies in the Reception of Matthew 15: 21-28,” Nancy Klancher, 2012

“Approaching Apocalyptic: The Hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur and the Olivet Discourse of Mark 13,” Peter de Vries, 2010

“‘Weapons upon her body’: The Heroic Feminine in the Hebrew Bible,” Sandra Collins, 2009

“‘Nostalgia without Memory’: Identity, Choice-making, and Tradition among American Converts to Eastern Orthodoxy,” Amy Slagle, 2008

“Religious Truth and Religious Diversity,” Nathan S. Hilberg, 2006

“Religious Internationalism: The Ethics of War and Peace in the Thought of Paul Tillich,” Matthew Lon Weaver, 2006

“Practically Hindu: Contemporary Conceptions of Hanuman-Maruti in Maharashtra,” Jeffrey Brackett, 2004

“The Labyrinth in American Contemporary Religious Rituals that Engage a Sacred Cosmos,” Barbara Lilan Laishley, 2004

“Fertility and Pleasure: Ritual and Sexual Values in Tokugawa Japan,” William R. Lindsey, 2003

“The Religious Acculturation of the Ethiopian Jew in Modern Israel: Case Study of a Spiritual Conflict,” Brenda Toliver, 2003

“The Religious Lives and Ritual Practices of Arab Muslim Women in the US: A Comparative Study,” Marilyn Giorgio-Poole, 2002

“Ritual Healing in Reformed Protestantism: Self-in-the-Process of Belonging,” Sara Penn-Strah, 2002

“Religious Realism and Inequality (Reinhold Niebuhr, Martin Luther King, Jr., B. R. Ambedkar, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Rammohun Roy),” James L. Rowell, 2002

“The Relativization of Tradition: An Examination of the ‘Evangelical Post-Modernist Controversy’ in Contemporary American Evangelical Protestantism,” George Van Campbell, 1999

“Of Professed Women Religious and Professional Religious Women: An Experiment in Feminist Theology and Thought,” Bebb Wheeler Stone, 1999

“The Dual Role of Knowledge in Christianity: The Privileged Position of the Specialist,” Daniel Borsay, 1997

“The Composition of the Holiness Code (Lev. 17-26),” Jerome Ross, 1997

“‘The things accomplished among us’: Prophetic Tradition in the Structural Pattern of Luke-Acts,” Rebecca Denova, 1994

“Exegesis as Polemical Discourse: Ibn Hazm on Jewish and Christian Scriptures (volumes I and II),” Theodore Pulcini, 1994

“Gregory of Nyssa's Ethic of Slavery and Emancipation,” David Stains, 1994

“The Practice and Theory of Liberation Theology in Peru,” Arthur McDonald, 1993

“An Inquiry into the Origin and Transmission of the Gospel of Thomas,” Milan Vukomanovic, 1993

“Rechristianizing America: The Reconstruction and Kingdom Now Movements in American Evangelical Christianity,” Bruce Barron, 1991

“A Hermeneutical Analysis of Oral Call Narratives among Contemporary African-American Preachers,” William A. Myers, 1991

“Imbalu, the Gisu Initiation Rite: Implications for Understanding African Religion and Christian Acculturation,” Joel Nafuna, 1991

“A Dream of Peace: Art as Ritual Approach to Death in the Fiction of John Gardner,” Ronald Nutter, 1991

“From Turmoil to Unity: Martin Buber's Efforts towards a New Type of Jewish Community, 1897-1915,” Gerda Schmidt, 1991

“English Rational Dissenters: Religious Liberty and American Freedom, 1767-1787,” Madeline Duntley, 1990

“The Dilemma of Religious Toleration as Exemplified in the Work of John Courtney Murray, S.J.,” Keith J. Pavlischek, 1990

“The Religio-Spiritual Experiences of Manikkavacakar,” Baskaran Pillai, 1989

“‘Are you he of whom I spoke by my servants the prophets?’ Ezekiel 38-39 and the Problem of History in the Neobabylonian Context,” Margaret Odell, 1988

“The Cult of Khir Bhavani: Study, Analysis, and Interpretation of a Kashmiri Goddess,” Madhu Wangu, 1988

"The Pacifist Option: an Eastern Orthodox moral perspective on war in the nuclear age," Alexander F.C. Webster (1988)

“The Transformation of the Idea of the Sacred in the Poetry of Thomas Merton,” Alan Altany, 1987

“The Author's Call to the Audience in the Acts of the Apostles: A Literary-Critical-Anthropological Reading,” Carol LaHurd, 1987

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