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Department of Religious Studies


Academic Program

The department offers graduate seminars on specific thematic and methodological topics and special topics seminars in the religious traditions represented by the faculty. Instruction is also conducted in directed study courses, tailored in form and content to meet the interests and needs of students. Directed reading courses are typically conducted as one-on-one tutorials with a faculty member but may involve several students. Directed reading seminars for graduate credit are also offered in conjunction with advanced undergraduate courses in which graduate students also participate.

Prayers, Iran

The department is committed to mentoring graduate students in all aspects of professional development and career building. In order to assist students in making the transition from graduate students to assistant professors, while in residence, students also participate in our ongoing Gateway to the Profession Workshop.

As a department that values interdisciplinary study, Religious Studies encourages students to take advantage of all available resources at the University. Most students take graduate seminars and directed study courses with faculty in such neighboring departments as:

Students may also cross-register for credit and work with affiliated faculty at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Carnegie Mellon University.

Students are further encouraged to take advantage of University certificate programs in

and in the area studies programs of the University Center for International Studies.

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