Bernard R. Goldstein

  • University Professor Emeritus

Bernard R. Goldstein is a pioneer in the field of religion and science and works specifically on the exact sciences in antiquity and the Middle Ages as well as on mathematics and astronomy in Hebrew and Arabic. He has written extensively on medieval Hebrew scientific texts with special attention to the work of Levi ben Gerson [Gersonides] who lived in southern France in the fourteenth century, and has also published essays and articles on aspects of the Hebrew Bible and its construction.

University Affiliation

Emeritus secondary appointment in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Education & Training

  • PhD, Brown University, 1963

Representative Publications

A complete listing of the "Publications of Bernard R. Goldstein" is published in Centaurus: An International Journal for the History of Science and its Cultural Aspects, 45.1–4 (December 2003).

The Astronomy of Levi ben Gerson (1288–1344), Springer-Verlag, 1985

"Theological Foundations of Kepler’s Astronomy," Osiris 16 (2001) [with Peter Barker]

"Astronomy in the Iberian Peninsula: Abraham Zacut and the Transition from Manuscript to Print," Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 90.2 (2000) [with José Chabás]