Cuilan Liu

  • Assistant Professor
Cuilan Liu
Assistant Professor 
Buddhism; China and Tibetan Studies; Religion and Law; Religion and Medicine; Dunhuang Manuscripts; Documentary Film-making
East Asian Buddhism 
Religion and Culture in East Asia 
Religion and Healing in China 
Law and Medicine in East Asian Religions 
University Affiliation 
Asian Studies Center of the University Center for International Studies 
Education & Training 
PhD, Harvard University, 2014
Representative Publications 
Journal Article
Cuilan Liu. Forthcoming. “The Fall of a Chinese Buddhist Monk: Law and State Governance in Post-Imperial China.” Journal of Law and Religion, 36, 1 (2021).
Cuilan Liu. 2019. “Hybrid Courts and Hybrid Laws: The Legal Governance of Buddhism in Imperial China.” Journal of Chinese Religions, 47, 2, Pp. 153-193. 
Cuilan Liu. 2019. “Buddhist Litigants in Public Court: A Case Study of Legal Practices in Tibetan-ruled Dunhuang (786-848).” Journal of the American Oriental Society, 139.1 (2019), Pp. 91-113.
Cuilan Liu. 7/2018. “Reciting, Chanting, and Singing: The Codification of Music in Buddhist Canon Law.” Journal of Indian Philosophy, 46, 4, Pp. 713-752. Full TextAbstract
Cuilan Liu. 2018. “Merit-Making or Financial Fraud? Litigating Buddhist Nuns in Early 10th Century Dunhuang.” Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, 41 (2018), Pp. 169-208.Abstract
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