Our program is designed to introduce our majors to several world religions and to a variety of approaches to the study of religion. At the same time, undergraduate majors have the opportunity to concentrate on a particular tradition, ideology, historical context, geographical area, or culture. We also offer a minor in religious studies.

The academic study of religion is both multidisciplinary and multicultural and attracts majors with diverse interests and from varied backgrounds. The department nurtures a strong sense of community and collegiality, an open and innovative environment in which to study, and a vigorous commitment to the careful mentoring of our students. We invite you to explore with us the ways in which religion fashions human ideas and behaviors as well as historical and contemporary policies and events, and betters our understanding of the wider world in which we live.

Major in Religious Studies

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Minor in Religious Studies

A Religious Studies minor can complement any degree at Pitt.


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Graduation Requirements

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Scholarships & Financial Support

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Career Paths

The opportunities and career paths are endless for Religious Studies graduates.