Jonathan Weinkle, MD, FAAP, FACP

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Medicine and Part-Time Instructor of Religious Studies


Death and the Healthcare Professions

Representative Publications

Healing People, Not Patients: Creating Authentic Relationships in Modern Healthcare (Healthy Learning, 2019).  The book reimagines healthcare based on the fundamental doctrine, common to many faiths, that human beings are created in the Divine image.  If both healer and seeker are humans with a divine spark, this should create a completely different level of relationship, a sacred covenant, between the two that expresses itself through intent listening, respectful and deep conversation, and a built environment of non-verbal gestures and systemic behavior that honors, rather than frightens or degrades, the humanity of the person seeking care.

Research Interests

The website is home to a regular blog exploring individual issues, articles from the literature, religious texts and personal narratives that relate to the theme of making medicine both more human and more sacred.  The blog is at

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