Tucker S. Ferda

  • Assistant Professor, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 2016
  • MTS, Duke University, 2009
  • BA, Bethel University, 2007

Representative Publications

Jesus, the Gospels, and the Galilean Crisis. Library of New Testament Studies 601. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2019.

“God of the Nations: Satan, Daniel, and the Temptation in Luke.” Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft 110 (2019): 1-20.

“The Historical Jesus and the Law of Moses: The Form of His Activity and the Impact of Social Reputation.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly80 (2018): 62-80.   

 “Reason to Weep: Isaiah 52 and the Subtext of Luke’s Triumphal Entry.” Journal of Theological Studies 66 (2015): 28-60.  

 “Matthew’s Titulus and Psalm 2’s King on Mount Zion.” Journal of Biblical Literature 133 (2014): 561-81.  

 “Naming the Messiah: A Contribution to the 4Q246 ‘Son of God’ Debate.” Dead Sea Discoveries 21 (2014): 150-75.  

“The Soldiers’ Inscription and the Angel’s Word: The Significance of ‘Jesus’ in Matthew’s Titulus.” Novum Testamentum55 (2013): 221-31.  

“Jeremiah 7 and Flavius Josephus on the First Jewish War.” Journal for the Study of Judaism 44 (2013): 158-73. 

“‘Sealed’ with the Holy Spirit (Eph 1,13-14) and Circumcision.” Biblica 93 (2012): 557-79.  

 “The Seventy Faces of Peter’s Confession: Matthew 16:16-17 in the History of Interpretation.” Biblical Interpretation 20 (2012): 421-57. 

 “John the Baptist, Isaiah 40, and the Ingathering of the Exiles.” Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus10 (2012): 154-88.  

Research Interests

Gospels, historical Jesus, history of New Testament research, life and thought of Paul, Second Temple Judaism, eschatology, hermeneutics, Hellenistic Greek